The first manufacturer of biotechnological exosomes in Russia

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A biotechnological company that is the first manufacturer of biotechnological exosomes in Russia for use in cosmetology and pharmacology.
The company has patented the technology of isolation and concentration of exosomal vesicles of human stem cells.

What are exosomes?

Exosomes are microscopic extracellular vesicles or vesicles secreted into the extracellular space by cells of various tissues. Exosomes contain signaling substances that "tell" neighboring cells what to do and when to do it. Human stem cell exosomes are the active ingredient in our products.

Exosomes and peptides provide

Epigenetic reprogramming activates the signaling pathways of the reparative cycle. Thus, the cells are reoriented to the process of restoring the microenvironment. For the skin, this is expressed in increased proliferation of keratinocytes, restoration of the balance of the reconstruction of the extracellular matrix, normalization of melanin synthesis.
Exosomes also act on regional progenitor cells, triggering a cascade of the reaction of migration and recruiting of other cellular elements and their differentiation. Microcirculation and cellular immunity are restored in tissues. Undesirable inflammatory reactions are blocked.
The presence of in the composition of trace elements and amino acids allows you to maintain a high level of metabolism in tissues.
The main action of exosomes and the microRNAs they contain is that exosomes reprogram the cellular environment, including their own repair mechanisms, which allows full use of all possible recovery mechanisms provided by our body. Such a reaction is more complete, which means it is expressed not only by external manifestations, but also by the normalization of all body functions.
1. A distinctive feature of InBioPharma's exosomal products is the highest exosome concentration - 9 billion particles, which directly affects the rate of regeneration, as well as the animal origin of exosomes (humans), which determines the high bioavailability and duration of the effect. Most competitive products use plant derived exosomes with no proven bioavailability. None of the competitive products are available on the Russian market.
2. Exosomal therapy has been successfully tested to treat human skin aging.
3. Although exosomes were discovered more than 30 years ago, it is only recently that the scientific community has begun to give credit to exosomes for a number of promising features. Ten years ago, in 2006, only 76 articles on exosomes were published on To date, more than 4,400 articles on exosomes have been published on, of which approximately 25% were published last year.
4. Exosomes can be used not only in cosmetology, but also in other medical fields where there is an abnormal inflammatory reaction (cytokine storm, autoimmune diseases) or where it is necessary to accelerate the regeneration process (burns, fractures, etc.).


The product does not contain stem cells. Exosomes are waste products of cells. According to experts, exosome therapy is safer and more promising than cell therapy. Clinical studies of exosomes in various nosologies (ARDS, pulmonary infections, COVID-19, depression, anxiety, dementia, healing of skin wounds, acute ischemic stroke, epidermolysis bullosa) are underway around the world. Our team was one of the first in the world to conduct the necessary tests and register an exosomal cosmeceutical product for use in professional cosmetology.
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